Murphy Beds Bel Air

A murphy bed installation is one of the easiest and most economical ways to transform your home. Some of our walls beds are installed in offices or workout rooms to add extra bedrooms to a home. Other times our designers install wall beds in children’s rooms to make room for daytime play time. We have even seen homeowners with one-room studios install wall beds to give the effect of having two rooms. No matter what your situation, California Closets Bel Air will find the perfect murphy bed solution for you.

The Bel Air Murphy Beds Design Consultation

The free in-home design consultation was created to give Bel Air residents a commitment- and stress-free opportunity to explore murphy bed designs in their home.  Local residents can call the showroom or sign up online to schedule their own free in-home design consultation.  After signup, we will send a Bel Air murphy bed designer to your home to evaluate your aesthetic needs, your lifestyle and your budgets.

Our designers have years of shared experience carrying murphy bed solutions from conception to installation.  Some homeowners prefer their murphy beds to be as discrete as possible, blending into the surrounding aesthetic and cabinet units.  Other homeowners like to make their murphy bed visible to become a stylish piece in the room.  Either way our designers will create murphy beds that are easy to use, last forever and fit into your budget.

Our designers love to install murphy beds because of the reactions the final installation elicits from our customers. They are excited to host more family and friends while leaving much of the associated stress at the door.

The Bel Air Murphy Beds Professionals

Our Bel Air murphy bed professionals will provide solutions that fit your aesthetic and budget.  We look forward to delivering our design and service excellence to your upcoming murphy beds install.