Famous Literature, Bedroom Wardrobes, And Unexpected Design Inspiration

Not much space? Why not explore the fantastic world of bedroom wardrobes?

Living in a small space presents its own challenges for storage and organization solutions. One prevalent obstacle is little to no closet space. So what to do? Adding a classic piece like bedroom wardrobes or armoires not only create a definite style, they expand your storage possibilities like magic.

How a Story Inspired My Children's Bedroom, from Décor to Bedroom Wardrobes

Elsa's two children got hooked when she read them The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Here's her story of how that translated into a creative decorating scheme.

My kids have always loved having me read aloud to them, especially at bedtime. When Kate was old enough, I brought out one of my childhood favorites to share. I didn't expect C.S. Lewis to be such a hit! Steven, who normally wants just to play more games instead of listening, would beg me to start the story earlier than usual; Kate wanted to hear what happened to the lion and the children.

But what really captured their attention was the magic bedroom wardrobe. Suddenly they yearned to have one of their own. I tried to explain that not all wardrobes, bedroom or non, lead to magic lands, thinking this would nip the issue in the bud. But on a visit to the grandparents, seeing the heirloom wardrobe in my mother's bedroom made it all real. It was time for a redesign.

The kids were a big help as we talked about what changes we'd make to their shared room. The bunk beds are a true hit, so those would stay, but we'd convert the closet into a play space by removing the doors. Their clothes would then find a new home in a bedroom wardrobe. Well, either that or their toys – there was some debate as to what would be better for both of them.

When it came time to shop we found an incredible selection of bedroom wardrobes, all unique. Some were way too big, others too small, but after feeling like Goldilocks, we finally found a great, ornate piece that is practical, stylish, and fits completely with their Narnia theme. Now I'm thinking about changing to a bedroom wardrobe myself!

Bedroom Wardrobes: Not Just for the Kids

Modern day wardrobes are not just storage units. Contemporary and attractive designs can include extras like lighting and sliding doors with designated spaces for clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Make your storage a feature of your interior design instead of trying to hide it!

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