Easily Redecorate To Update Your Bedroom Design

Making Bedroom Designs a Breeze

Are you not sleeping well? At California Closets, we believe that bedroom design goes a long way to creating a restful room for sweet dreams. You don't need to start with a major overhaul; just a few small touches can make all the difference in your bedroom design.

How Can I Easily Create Updated Bedroom Designs for My Home?

From the master suite to a guest room, here are some simple ways you can quickly transform a bedroom's design:

Embrace color! A coat of paint can completely update any and all bedroom designs. Popular colors now are greens and browns, a classic pairing that has a timeless appeal. Shades of medium to dark brown are ideal for the bedroom because they are nurturing and give a feeling of warmth. Stay away from colors that are too cool to ensure a cozy feel.

Keep the lights low. Lighting is key in any room, so make sure your bedroom includes bedside lamps to cast a peaceful glow and illuminate bedtime tasks. Having overhead lighting is practical, but can be unnecessarily harsh, especially at night. Matching lamps on bedside tables plus a larger, diffuse light give a softer, more relaxing feel to your bedroom design.

Use fabric for accents and texture. Curtains soften any space and feel more luxurious than blinds. Layer sheers for privacy with heavier fabrics for richer texture. Bold colors and fabrics can make a statement while still creating a haven, regardless of your bedroom design. Don't stop at the windows – mixing a variety of textures, colors, and prints on your bed with pillows, sheets, and comforters that coordinate but aren't identical. You'll have an inviting, restful, and stylish place to lay your head.

Do more than just hang some pictures. Create an arrangement of framed photographs, art, and quotes to give your bedroom design personality. Frame your own photos along with some favorite quotes for a grouping that reflects people, places, and phrases you love. Further personalize your bedroom design with accessories that can tell a story like alarm clocks, vases, books, and other pieces for a collected-over-time look.

Your Bedroom Designs Are All About You

Whatever kind of bedroom designs you prefer, it is important that the space be well designed and well organized. Creating a peaceful, ordered environment gives you the freedom to really let go and rest each night. No matter who you are, having a comfortable space that reflects your personality is the key of all successful bedroom designs.

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