Seeking Out Unconventional Bedroom Design Ideas

Seek unconventional sources for bedroom design ideas

Design Inspiration Strikes in Many Forms

My daughter has become obsessed with Lady Gaga and I didn't know what to do. We'd agreed she could redecorate her bedroom but when it came to design ideas all she could talk about was lavender (reportedly the artist's favorite color), big sunglasses, and black leather.

Seek Creative Inspiration In All Its Forms: One Mother's Advice

While I drew the line at black leather in my teenager's room, I did think her bedroom design ideas were much more creative than I expected. Silver lightning bolts, black-framed posters, and a mask she painted herself make for interesting touches and really bring the space together. Even though she was inspired by someone else, she's really made something that is her own.

If it works for my teenager, it'll work for you. Instead of just decorator books, try the unconventional sources of music and literature in your own bedroom design ideas.

I started thinking about music for bedroom design ideas after talking with my daughter. What would a room designed by the Rolling Stones look like? Probably very different than one done by Yo Yo Ma or Madonna, right?

By assuming another persona, you have a freedom with color and aesthetic that will open up more possibilities. Or just turn on some of your favorite music and brainstorm. What colors fit the piece? Is it baroque and ornate, simple and refined, or plush and comfortable? Armed with new terms you can easily talk to a decorator for visual representations and design ideas of your audio experience.

You favorite book can also create lots of bedroom design ideas. Perhaps the appeal of a windswept romance like Jane Eyre? Maybe a futuristic Ayn Rand-inspired individualistic design scheme. Children also love using their favorite books, whether Winnie-the-Pooh or Curious George, to inspire color schemes, accent pieces, and other bedroom design ideas. By letting them help, even if they're young, they'll have a unique space they can be proud of.

Seek Your Own Bedroom Design Muse

Whatever kind of bedroom design ideas you come up with, it is important that the space be comfortable and well organized. Using rich sources that tell a story helps reflect your personality, which is key for all successful bedroom design ideas.

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