An Abundance Of Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

What to do to turn your bedroom into a beautiful, sumptuous refuge

These days, everyone has a system to be more organized, more efficient, more… anything! When it comes to bedroom closet design ideas there are endless possibilities, but we found that many require structures that harken back to college dorm rooms instead of creating inspiring, luxurious spaces.

Turn Your Bedroom Closet Design into a Sumptuous Refuge for Your Clothes:

We turned to various experts in design to inspire bedroom closet design ideas that don't look like they came from your teenager's room. Here are their tips:

"Velvet hangers make things feel opulent while also keeping straps on the hangers. I recommend flat ones so you can fit more on the rod. I like to feel like I'm shopping when I'm in my closet deciding on what to wear, so I have to see all my options."

–Clarice, Santa Monica

"I organized everything by color, even though my wardrobe is slightly boring chromatically (white to cream to blue to gray sums up my shirts). I've turned my vintage box collection into useful storage of little things like extra buttons, suitcase locks, and travel essentials. Even though I don't really wear them often, I have two tie racks for a blaze of color on the back of the door."

–Winston, Boston

"I put most of my hanging items at about waist high, which allowed me put the shoe shelves at eye level. When shoes are under suits, as they usually are in most closets, you can't see them. Now it's easy to differentiate between blacks, browns, and blues. Rows of shelves hold all the foldables like sweaters and polo shirts. And I always make sure that off-season clothing gets stowed away up high."

–Miles, New York

"I found this glamorous mirrored paneling and had to have it. It turns my bedroom closet design into a huge bigger-than-full-length mirror, an idea I've used for several clients since. Best of all, the mirrors make my bedroom feel so much lighter and more spacious."

–Erin, Madison

Need More Bedroom Closet Design Ideas? Just Ask!

Why not make a dramatic statement and add decorative moldings and a huge glass chandelier to your walk-in closet? The space up high is often neglected but is an ideal place to add magnificence. Whatever you decide, make sure to reflect your personality, the key for all successful bedroom closet design ideas.

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