Wall Beds Bedford

Us New Yorkers make a lot of sacrifices when we’re faced with the constant struggle of not having enough space. Whether it’s in the streets or in our homes, we’re always bumping elbows. This is even hard at home when we have limited space and want to be accommodating to guests.

Reasons Why You Should Already Have Bedford Wall Beds

-    The simplicity of opening and closing Bedford wall beds from California Closets in a hitch makes tending to last minute crashers a breeze. No preparation needed.

-    Bedford wall beds are designed to integrate into media centers, home offices, wardrobes and closet systems that you can find online in our inspiration galleries.

-    You can choose from having a foldout mattress or a rollout bed that provides the ultimate comfort nook for your guests.

-    Bedford wall beds are both extremely fashionable and functional, so you are never compromising the look of a room but rather you are adding to the excellence of a room’s feel.

-    You can transform any space into a multifunctional room that meets everybody’s needs. There’s no need to compromise when everybody can get what they want with Bedford wall beds.

-    There are myriad designs and finishes for you to choose from to create the look and feel that you are looking for.

Amazing New Bedford Wall Beds

Relearn an old trick and rethink Bedford wall beds.  This is your chance to make a practical decision about the quality and function of your home.  Don’t let a lack of space bog you down and keep you from doing the things you want to do.  Call today for your complimentary design consultation and find the Bedford wall beds that work for you.