Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Beavercreek

When many people think of wall or Murphy beds they think of a rickety, rusty, uncomfortable and unsightly thing in a dingy, cramped apartment. Things have changed. The modern era has brought us many things, not the least of which are Beavercreek Murphy beds from California Closets. Beavercreek wall beds are similar to the wall beds of the past in concept only - these beds are exceedingly comfortable, unfold and retract smoothly and easily, and look lovely when not in use.

Maximize The Utility Of Your Floorspace

Beavercreek Murphy Beds: Forward-Thinking, Stylish and Sensible

Once one starts to consider the myriad uses for the space a Beavercreek wall bed makes available, it’s hard to marshall an argument as to why we even use normal beds. Beavercreek Murphy beds often surpass the comfort of a standard bed, and don’t necessitate that sacrifice of a swath of your floorspace during the daytime. Your newfound floorspace could allow for a home office, a music rehearsal space, an area for exercise, or a dance floor. Your guests will be enamored with your disregard for convention and forward-thinking mentality.

Customized, Not Standardized

Beavercreek wall beds are available in host of styles, sizes, and colors. Your home design scheme will be complemented by this useful addition, not diminished. The only thing that’s standardized is the enduring quality of our workmanship and manufacturing. If you choose to install Beavercreek Murphy beds in your home, they will be sturdy, functional, and easy to use for as long as you live in your home.

Want To Learn More?

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