Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Bay Area

Who said you cannot have your cake and eat it too? Why trade off between having an extra spot to lay your head and maximizing available floor space? Wall beds from California Closets Bay Area are the ultimate multi-purpose upgrade to any room.

Murphy Beds Find a Home in the Bay Area

Retreating from hustle and bustle of urban life to home that serves you well is priceless. To get everything you want out of your home in the Bay Area, wall beds may the best investment you can make.

Here are some trends and unique characteristics of this metropolis that make such beds a great choice:

1. The Bay Area is full of universities where students live in notoriously cramped quarters. Opening up space for work, reflection and play can be crucial elements of an education. Nothing can add versatility to a room in your Bay Area dorm like a sturdy and comfortable Murphy bed.

2. Rental and real estate prices have been skyrocketing in recent years, pushing many to compromise on smaller homes and apartments. Renters and homeowners still want an extra room for guests, office space, or other purposes, and with wall beds they no longer have to compromise. A room can serve two purposes if in a matter of seconds a bed can be turned into a wall flush with the rest of the room.

3. Everyone wants to visit San Francisco. If you are living in the area you are likely hosting friends and family on a regular basis. The best way to accommodate these visitors to the Bay Area is by investing in wall beds.

Murphy Beds for Bay Area Homes

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