Closet Systems for a Unique Lifestyle

When tasked with designing Baton Rouge’s Capital building, Architect James Dakin didn’t choose to mimic the US Capitol Building like so many other state capitals. Instead, he designed a beautifully Neo-Gothic medieval castle which captured Baton Rouge’s and Louisiana’s unique and separate historical and cultural influences. Just like Baton Rouge’s architecture can display the area’s unique character, California Closets Baton Rouge understands that well-designed closet systems also showcase the unique character and personality of their owners while providing a space-efficient place to store clothes and accessories. When it comes to tackling the challenges of home organization and storage, Baton Rouge residents turn to high-quality custom closets systems by California Closets Baton Rouge.

How Closet Systems Store Your Stuff

It doesn’t matter whether you have a reach-in or walk-in closet, closet systems can make or break a closet. The following are just a few ways that good closet systems can maximize the efficiency of your storage and help you to store your clothes and accessories in style.

Not all of your hanging outfits require your full height in storage space. Efficient closet systems have both full-height hanger rods and half-height hanger rods to cut down on unused vertical space. You’d be surprised by how many items, including suit jackets, short dresses, and short coats, can fit on a half-height hanger rod.

Lighting makes a difference in any closet, and not just aesthetically. It is infinitely easier to find a coat or sweater in closet systems with custom-placed lights than with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Well-designed lighting can also add to the personality of your closet in a way that makes your everyday experience more enjoyable.

Closely stacked shelves – shelves that are close together vertically, are a must for efficient use of space. Sweaters and other stackables should not be stacked more than three high to prevent loads of clothing from falling on you. Closely stacked shelves prevent this from happening while maximizing the amount of horizontal shelf space available in your closet systems.

Closet systems that run from floor to ceiling take advantage of every inch in your closet space. In many closet systems, vertical space is wasted near the floor and up high near the ceiling. Utilize your hard-to-reach spaces by storing seasonal and rarely used-items in them.

The higher the degree of customization of your closet system, the more it can conform to your unique space and your unique lifestyle. Custom closet systems can be built to fit in non-traditionally shaped spaces or closets with slanted roofs. They can also incorporate innovative designs and products that can be personalized to the way you use your closet.

Closet Systems Expertise from California Closets

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