Relax and Unwind: Create A Home Spa Right in Your Bathroom

Doing a bathroom remodeling can create a relaxing home spa retreat

Many homeowners look for relief from their hectic lifestyles by making their home a true haven of relaxation. Instead of heading to a far-away spa, wouldn't it be great to have one right in your house?

If you like to relax, you'll understand why the bathroom is one of today's most popular home remodeling projects.

Bathroom Remodeling: How to Create a Private Retreat

Here are some hot tips from experts to make your bathroom remodeling project a relaxing, inspiring success.

- Personalize your space. Expand the size of your bathroom, add whirlpools, and more decorative fixtures. Transform that awkward closet into the square footage you need for the tub of your dreams and luxuriate. Let your imagination guide you as you plan your bathroom remodeling. Whether bold and colorful or simple and elegant, the bathroom is becoming more of a centerpiece in the home.

- Separate your shower and bath. Along with bathroom furniture, a separate shower and bathtub are the current hot items when remodeling your bathroom. Having a shower stall allows for a whirlpool or deep free-standing bath. Relaxing was never easier than in a private pool of warm water (bubbles optional).

- Bring in new materials. When it comes to covering surfaces, why not explore options like glass tile or stainless steel? New materials are making a splash in remodeled bathrooms with glass, chrome, and porcelain combined in exciting, innovative ways. Bring in the colors of the ocean and instantly feel like you're at a resort. Natural stone softens the look of stainless steel, giving texture and unexpected warmth.

- Explore color trends. Remodeling your bathroom has long been the time to experiment with colors. Bright red, sapphire blue, deep forest or emerald green, terra cotta, and rust are just a few of the myriad color options. The contrast with white fixtures makes a dramatic yet not overwhelming statement. Treat the room like a jewel box, painting the walls and the ceiling the same color, and create something truly special.

- Pull up a chair. Furniture makes a real splash in the bathroom. Vintage pieces are a great personalized option as vanities, lounges, and sitting chairs, or maybe even a just towel rack. Your haven will feel truly unique.

Relaxing Is Never So Wonderful As It Is In Your Own Remodeled Bathroom

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