Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Barrington

Much is made of the advent of sliced bread. Useful and exciting inventions that increase the level of ease and convenience in our lives are measured against this most auspicious of human technological developments. But the days of sliced bread being the bar against which other inventions are measures are numbered, because there’s a new kid in town. Barrington wall beds are a bafflingly sensible and almost obvious improvement to our daily lives. California Closets has perfected the wall bed concept to a level most people have not imagined. Barrington murphy beds are outrageously comfortable, easy to to use, and of course, very easy on the eyes.

Sense And Sensibility

Barrington Murphy Beds: Join The Revolution

When you get right down to it - beds aren’t the most efficient things in the world in terms of space. They tend to dominate whatever space they’re in, and they’re only in use half the time! Enter Barrington wall beds - the solution to this age old problem. Now you can have the exquisite comfort of a regular bed, without the wasted space during the day. The possibilities this development opens up are vast to say the least. The neighborhood will be abuzz with discussion of your progressive-minded home improvement! Divest yourself of the shackles of tradition and embrace the future!

Your Newfound Space Has A Lot Of Potential!

Barrington wall beds allow for a much more varied use of your floorspace. Rather than relinquishing 42 square feet of floorspace to your standard bed all hours of the day - you can use that area for morning exercise like yoga, pilates, or weightlifting. This newfound space could also allow for your bedroom to function as an art or music studio. You’ll be thrilled you made the switch to a Barrington murphy bed.

Find Out Everything There Is To Know About Barrington Wall Beds

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