Wall Beds Barnhart

Around the holidays or during the summer, visitors are common, and should you have family or friends en route to your home for an extended stay, this usually means searching for a solution for sleeping arrangements. Air beds certainly can be hassle with all of the rolling, folding and the ever-present threat of popping, while dragging a spare mattress out of the garage is equally, if not more frustrating. Wall beds Barnhart from California Closets spell an end to these spare bed quandaries. Easy to unfurl and easier to look at when not in use, these units will help you and your visitors get a good night's sleep.

Wall Beds Barnhart For Comfortable Convenience

You've had a great time with your visitors, but the prospect of moving a mattress out or unfurling an old futon looms in the back of your mind. Put those fears to bed--literally and figuratively--with Barnhart wall beds from California Closets. Tremendous ease of use and the ability to blend in with their surroundings make these products a must for anyone who enjoys hosting.

Any Room Becomes A Bedroom

The location of certain rooms may have prevented you from having someone sleep in them due to the impossible task of hefting a mattress there. Wall beds Barnhart solve this by being built into closet systems--allowing them to serve a practical purpose when not being put to use by a sleeping guest! Shelves, drawers, and hangers can help your mattress blend right in--meaning that you have a fully usable guest room that can be used during the day as well!

Ready To Go

California Closets wall beds Barnhart can employ a traditional pull-down mechanism or can include a roll-out solution--both of which are extremely easy to use. That way, after a long day, pulling down a mattress is as easy as laying down on them and drifting off to sleep.

Wall Beds Barnhart For Simple Hosting

Make entertaining and hosting fun again with wall beds Barnhart. California Closets offers a free in-home design consultation, so why wait?