Garage Storage Barnhart

Never before have their been so many options for organization and order in your garage. Don’t just throw items haphazardly around your car when you can make space with innovative hooks, racks, and bins to keep distinct places for all your household items. Bikes, power tools, nuts and bolts will no longer get lost in the shuffle with Barnhart garage storage from California Closets.

Barnhart Garage Storage Knows No Bounds

One Car Two Car, Red Car Blue Car

Depending on the size of your home, you may have a one or two car garage. No matter how large your carport is, California Closets has solutions that can maximize the utility of the space you do have. Setting up different stations for bike repair, auto work, or home improvement can provide valuable resources that allow you to keep your home in top condition. Barnhart garage storage solutions also come in a variety of designs so your floors can complement your car’s paint job or your shelves can match your worktables.

Hobby Support Group

The designers at California Closets want to give you the tools to help you get the most out of life. Whether you are in interested in mountain biking, golfing, or fishing we want to help you organize all the gear that lets you do what you love to do. Custom Barnhart garage storage systems let you keep track of your favorite toys and tools with clear storage bins, heavy-duty brackets, and steadfast hooks. All of these storage accessories keep your garage neat and accessible.

Barnhart Garage Storage For More Than Cars

A garage offers safe storage for large items that otherwise wouldn’t fit in your home. Take care of this useful resource by implementing Barnhart garage storage tools and accessories from California Closets.