Closet Systems Barnhart

Purchasing storage bins or installing a new garment rod often represents the apex of home improvement in the closet. We often settle for a cluttered closet because we figure we can keep the mess behind closed doors. If you get California Closets to install one of our Barnhart closet systems, you no longer have to settle for an unsightly and unmanageable wardrobe.

Barnhart Closet Systems Are Top Quality

Solutions from Head to Toe

Are you the type of person that changes three times daily? Leaves everyone else waiting for you to choose the perfect outfit? Allow California Closets to help you organize that endless clothes collection with our Barnhart closet systems. You can select different organization solutions including shoe bins, drawer dividers, and scarf racks. Coordinate your outfit with ease by using Barnhart closet systems.

Organize Your Way

Whether you get dressed to match your mood or the weather, our Barnhart closet systems give you the tools to organize your clothes any way you like. Separate sweaters, pants, and shirts by tone, pattern, or material. Creating a system in which you can easily search all your clothes and pick your favorite outfit will help you start your day with energy and confidence.

A Closet for All Seasons

The St. Louis area can be subject to frigid winters and scorching summers. Be prepared for all weather scenarios with a closet fully stocked for every season. Storing your jackets and other winter clothes in an accessible part of your closet can help you keep track of expensive gear and prepare you for a drop in temperature.

Dynamic Barnhart Closet Systems

Organizing your closet can be a fulfilling exercise. No matter how many clothes you have, California Closets Barnhart closet systems can help you get them in order.