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With majestic bluffs and rolling hills overlooking meandering rivers, Barnhart is a peaceful and welcoming environment. Do you get the same feeling when you go to your closet throughout the day? With customized, elegantly designed storage solutions from California Closets Barnhart, you most certainly will.  From the foyer to the kitchen, every room in your house should be an exercise in strategic planning for ultimate functionality without compromising aesthetic appeal. With beautiful, innovative Barnhart closets, this desire is entirely attainable.

Create Inviting Spaces with Barnhart Closets

As the designated room for clothes, books, nostalgic treasures and outdoor gear, most of our closets are jammed packed with a mélange of just about everything we own. Not surprisingly, this multipurpose room is often besieged with clutter, mismanaged space and an overall look that is far from attractive. Change everything with Barnhart closets! Barnhart closets are designed to defy the statistics and create a highly organized, elegantly executed room that emphasizes your home’s best features and simplifies your life.

The Advantage of Customized Design

You wouldn’t stand back and let just anyone decorate your home without consulting you. Why should your closet be treated any differently? Barnhart closets are developed with you at the helm of the creative process. Partner your artistic vision with the expertise of California Closets consultants to develop a Barnhart closet that upholds the integrity of the rest of your home’s design.

Shared Spaces

Sharing a closet? There is no better opportunity to tackle every common closet issue head on with California Closets Barnhart units!  Whether the closet in question is shared between siblings or significant others, it’s important to factor in each individual’s personal storage needs and create a space that stays organized on both sides. Size-specific drawers ensure certain articles of clothing are correctly stored in their respective places, and little embellishments like compartmentalized drawers, high visibility racks and hooks enable each person to keep tabs on their own items. Barnhart closets make sharing bearable!

Accounting for Everything

A well-planned room properly utilizes every inch of space and counters every perceived layout obstacle. Barnhart closets are designed to promote smart storage via proper placement of everything. Gone are the days of haphazard stacking and throwing everything together, which only leads to clutter and stressful searching. Keep bulky items like sweaters from taking up too much space with added drawers, and relegate off-season or rarely used items out of the prime places with overhead bins. Barnhart closets encourage you to store each item in the right place, time after time, for a closet that stays organized year round.

Barnhart Closets- A Place of Peaceful Refuge

Avoid the stress of a mess and create a plan of action with customized solutions from California Closets Barnhart. Call today to start planning your own Barnhart closet!




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