Wall Beds Baltimore

There’s been an evolution in wall beds that has largely gone unnoticed. Many people still conjure some antiquated image of some bulky, unsightly and difficult to use, lumpy-bed Murphy bed when they think of wall beds. But with Baltimore wall beds, nothing could be further from the truth. Baltimore wall beds are high quality, innovative, space-saving furniture that contains fold out beds that you could comfortably sleep on every night. Made by the leader in storage solutions for the home, California Closets, Baltimore wall beds offer you the ideal solution for giving nearly any room multifunctional. Why face the expense and disruption of adding another bedroom to your home when you can simply add a California Closets Baltimore wall bed? Why be limited to offering your overnight guests the couch or an air mattress when instead they could have a restful sleep on comfortable and beautiful Baltimore wall beds?

Baltimore Wall Beds Are Smart

Baltimore wall beds are wonderfully designed to be highly functional and beautifully formed.  When folded into the furniture piece, there’s no hint that a bed’s inside.  When unfolded, the bed is attractive, stable and as comfortable as the best permanent beds. Whether you need a quality sleeping option for guests or for yourself, Baltimore wall beds represent the smartest option you should consider.

Put One Nearly Anywhere

You could put Baltimore wall beds in your den, home office, entertainment room or bedroom – anywhere where a full-time permanent bed would be very unsightly and cumbersome, but where a stately piece of furniture would fit in perfectly.  Then, whenever you need an extra bed, with a gentle tug, out unfolds the hidden, luxurious Murphy bed.  Truly, the benefits of Baltimore wall beds can maximize the efficiency of your home and delight your guests.

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