What is Designer Storage?

Home to dozens of museums, the Artscape arts festival, and its omnipresent rowhouses, Baltimore attracts tourists from around the country who are hoping to get a peek at this beautifully built and designed city. As the aesthetic capital of Maryland, the residents of Baltimore put a high premium on design. Designer storage is a unique combination of practicality and beauty. Designer storage is just as important to Baltimore residents as designer clothes or designer furniture, and it has much more useful qualities.

Designer Storage vs. Normal Storage

So why choose designer storage instead of the run-of-the-mill cabinets and shelving units that your parents had?

1. Designer storage augments the beauty of your house. Designer storage units add an element of beauty and sophistication to your home, similar to the way that a designer sofa or antique curios serve both decorative purposes and practical ones. If you’re willing to decorate a living room or bedroom with designer furniture, why ruin it with a low quality shelving unit just because it has a storage purpose?

2. Custom designer storage can enhance your storage capacity in innovative ways. Inset wall shelving or ceiling-to-floor cabinets can bring both distinctive character to a room as well as additional storage capacity that store-bought shelves can’t bring. Installing designer storage in strangely shaped corners or rooms also maximizes storage space while keeping with the natural flow of a room.  

3. The materials used to make designer storage are of higher quality and are more durable and lasting than most normal storage units. The amount of time and effort invested in building designer storage units assures a high level of quality in construction and materials used in designer storage chosen because of their durability and natural beauty.

4. Designer storage lets out your personal creativity. When you have a hand in creating your designer storage, it can reflect your personality and tastes in a way normal store bought units will never do.

5. Designer storage customizes to your lifestyle. The extra effort put into personalizing designer storage makes it a perfect practical solution to your storage needs. Whether you have a larger than normal book collection or need extra room for coats by your door, designer storage can conform to your lifestyle while still enhancing the beauty of your home.

6. Designer storage doesn’t need to break the bank. Storage units that enhance the beauty of your home and reflect your personality come in a wide array of prices, and the high quality of designer storage materials ensures that you’ll be saving money on replacements in the long run.

Designer Storage by California Closets Baltimore

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