Wall Beds Ballwin

It's a fairly common conundrum for anyone who enjoys hosting friends or family at their home: finding a place for everyone to rest their heads for the night. Air beds have limited shelf lives and aren't always to the liking of guests, and a spare mattress tucked away in the closet is a pain to unload and takes up valuable space. California Closets offers a stylish and practical solution that will make great use of the space while offering a comfortable and relaxing night's sleep for your guests with wall beds Ballwin.

Comfort And Style With Wall Beds Ballwin

While fold out mattress and futons have reputations as being difficult to manage and tough to unfurl, California Closets wall beds Ballwin offer a degree of ease and simplicity that will help you turn your study or den into a comforting bedroom for a guest in a matter of moments.

Ease Of Use

We know that the process of folding and unfolding a temporary bed can be a headache-yielding process when you're dealing with impersonal store-bought products. Our wall beds Ballwin can employ a simple ""roll-out"" mechanism or the fold down method, each promising an ease-of-use that will be especially helpful when your guests are hoping to relax after a day of travel or fun. 

Any Room You'd Like

As with all California Closets products, our wall beds Ballwin can be made to fit into any room. Combine them with a closet system to create a fashionable and practical unit that will look fantastic when not in use. While you may never know how many you'll be entertaining at the same time, you may like the versatility of having wall beds Ballwin added into your lounge, office, or living room--conveniently hidden in a media center!

Be Prepared With Wall Beds Ballwin

Do away with the frustration that arises when trying to make everyone comfortable and feeling handcuffed by products that aren't serving you or your home well. Call California Closets today to find out how wall beds Ballwin can help you turn your home into the place to be!