Murphy Beds Ballwin

You've got a spare room that you like to save for when the kids are back from school, or when you have friends visiting from out of state. Committing a mattress to the space certainly guarantees them a terrific night's sleep, but how else can you use the room when this cumbersome presence takes up the vast majority of available space? Ballwin murphy beds from California Closets allow you to truly get the best of both worlds as a host and homeowner. You can provide ample comfort for your guests while leaving your home as versatile and available as you like.

Spare Rooms Left Versatile

The Ideal Hobby Space

Once your kids have gone off to college, you have a little more space to take full advantage of, and you don't have to let a mattress slow you down! Ballwin murphy beds fold easily into and out of the wall, leaving all of that usable floor space open for you to use. Turn it into a quiet workspace to pay the bills, or perhaps you can devote it to your musical instruments and finally have that practice spot where you and your friends can rehearse. Then, when the kids make their way home for summer, the bed folds down, and a bedroom can be found once again.

Keep Your Spaces Organized

While these comfortable mattresses are stored away, they're part of a larger unit that will keep the surrounding area looking neat and stylish. Ballwin murphy beds are just one feature of one of closet systems that can be tailored by you to suit the organization needs of the spaces they occupy. Choose to add cabinets or shelves to the outer portions of your units, where you can display photos, add a library, or put some clothes.

Ballwin Murphy Beds Change Spaces Entirely

Keep your guests and family satisfied whilst enjoying all of the space that your home has to offer. Don't let beds define a room--call California Closets today.