Custom Closets Baldwinsville

According to the 2007 Self Storage Demand Study, conducted by the national Self Storage Association, one in ten U.S. households now rent a self-storage unit. That amounts to over 30 million people. At California Closets we know the phenomena is overblown and the result of inefficient storage in many homes. Right here in Baldwinsville, you can find custom closets offering the most efficient use of the space imaginable.

Baldwinsville Custom Closets Equals Efficient Storage

We are well aware that houses vary in their storage capacity—but we also know that California Closets can push that limit pretty far. Some houses have attics or basements that offer a quick hide-it-under-the-rug solution for all the extra stuff you may have accumulated over the years. As more and more Americans move to apartments and other multifamily residential buildings, however, it becomes important to offer better storage solutions inside the home, which is exactly the goal of Baldwinsville custom closets.

Why rent a storage space across town when you can rearrange your own home, save money and avoid the headache? You will be surprised with what Baldwinsville custom closets can do for you. Optimize the use of the space by choosing between vertical and horizontal compartments in your Baldwinsville custom closet. Select a shelving unit that stacks up all the way to the ceiling. Don’t forget we offer specialized closets to hug those tight corners where nothing else will fit so you can avoid having dead space.

The reason we offer so many choices of custom closets is that we know everyone in Baldwinsville has a unique lifestyle and distinctive preferences. Expect a marriage of quality and beauty with every purchase from California Closets.

Explore the Possibilities of Baldwinsville Custom Closets

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