Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Bakersfield

When confronting your home storage issues, Bakersfield wall beds may be the last thing you think of as a viable solution. However, the experts at California Closets have re-imagined what Bakersfield murphy beds are capable of, and the possibilities they afford are endless!

A Time-Tested Solution

The resurgence of Bakersfield wall beds is intricately intertwined with the accumulation of belongings. When you first move into a home, you may not anticipate just how much stuff you will eventually have in it. A bed takes up a vast proportion of a bedroom’s usable floor space, but with Bakersfield murphy beds you’ll be able to maximize the amount of usable space in your bedroom while still having a comfortable and luxurious bed stowed away for use any time you like.

Any Room Is A Guest Room With Bakersfield Wall Beds

Bakersfield murphy beds are truly the most practical sleeping accommodation available. And the practicality doesn’t stop outside of the bedroom! With Bakersfield wall beds, it’s easy to turn any room into a guest room. Rather than burden your guests with inhospitable couches or time-consuming air mattresses, easily hidden Bakersfield murphy beds mean that at the drop of a pin, any room can be turned into a guest room.

Multi-Use: The Future Of Home Design

With the possibilities that Bakersfield wall beds give you, you’ll notice just how easy it can be to radically improve your home’s design. Space once occupied by a bed will be free to be repurposed for anything you can imagine: a home entertainment system, a work space, or simply giving a room a more open feel.

Bakersfield Wall Beds For Your Home

Free up your home today! Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about how Bakersfield murphy beds are a great improvement to your home.