Garage Storage in Bakersfield

Looking for garage storage solutions for your Bakersfield garage? Look no further. California Closets Fresno has 25 years of experience helping Bakersfield homeowners organize their garage spaces and take back control over the chaos.

3 Garage Storage Tips from California Closets Bakersfield

  • Forces of Attraction. Magnetism is a powerful force. Many California Closets Bakersfield garage storage organizers utilize this force to hold tools, gadgets, and pieces that tend to go missing. Talk to your design consultant about where you'd ideally like these types of racks to go.
  • Clearly Visible. Do you use clear glass containers in your kitchen pantry for grains and pastas? (If not, you should! Take a tip from your kitchen storage and use clear canisters to store nails and screws, so you can easily see what's inside. Your California Closets Bakersfield garage storage consultant will help you find the perfect set.
  • Heavy Lifting. As you work with your California Closets Bakersfield garage storage consultant, remember that many garage items are quite heavy. You will have to consider what items will go in what storage receptacles when planning its placement, size, and overall ability to support weight.

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