The Perfect Entertainment Center for Your Bakersfield Home

Changing television styles have changed the face of the the American entertainment center over the decades. At California Closets Bakersfield, we understand the changing needs of Bakersfield homeowners. Our design consultants will help create an entertainment center that will hold additional custom components to make it truly special and unique to your home.

Entertainment Center Extras -- The Best Part!

Below are a few options to consider for your Bakersfield entertainment center:

  • Drawers with DVD or CD slots: Especially if you have a music center in addition to your television and DVD player in your entertainment center, having a place to put all your favorite DVDs and CDs makes a world of difference.
  • Shelves for speakers: Adding full music capability with capacity for speakers is the difference between a TV stand and an entertainment center. External speakers also enrich your viewing experience.
  • Adjustable shelves: Like people, TVs come in many different shapes and sizes. Adjustable shelves allow you to store things above shorter TVs or make more space in your entertainment center for taller screens.
  • Doors and closing panels: Doors and panels can change the feel of a room in addition to hiding your DVD and CD collections behind beautiful wood paneling. They can also give you a break from the television screen while allowing you to enjoy your entertainment center as a piece of furniture. Make sure that any doors fold in flush to the TV so they don’t block side views of the screen.

Get Started with Entertainment Center Solutions

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