A Baby Closet That Saves Time (And Your Sanity!)

When building a new room for a new baby, there is a lot to think about.  While many of the blessings of welcoming a baby into your home come as a surprise, having things well planned out beforehand can make your life that much easier when the chaos ensues.  

Planning your baby’s closet can be a fun first step to organizing all your new baby shower gifts, clothes, diapers, toys, books and all the other baby supplies that you may need in a pinch.  Once this is out of the way, you will be the most prepared you possibly can be for your new life with baby on board. 

One of the greatest aspects of California Closets’ kids’ storage systems is that they are easily adaptable.  That means the time and money you put into creating your baby closet will last long after she grows out of her diapers and decides she needs more room for her clothes.  The structure itself is permanent, built into the walls as to provide sturdy shelving and hanging structures that are made to last.  The interior however, is easily adaptable to make bigger or smaller shelving units, add hooks and baskets, and grow with your child.

Building a baby closet from the ground up, you can choose how you want to organize based on accessibility.  By putting toys and books in easy-to-pull drawers and shelves down low, your growing child will be able to find their items and put them back where they belong.  The higher shelving can provide easy-access to diapers and wipes and everything you need for a quick and seamless change.

With so many options to choose from, your custom-made baby closet can provide a comfortable and adaptable resource for you and your baby as he develops in the world.

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