Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Aventura

At California Closets Aventura, we love installing wall beds and murphy beds in our customers' homes. The expressions of childlike amazement upon closing the bed for the first time is priceless and the space saved is invaluable. Installing one of our locally-made murphy beds in your home is one of the easiest ways to quickly maximize your space. Transform your home today with our custom Aventura wall beds and murphy beds.

The Best Wall Beds in Aventura

While wall beds and murphy beds are traditionally a feature of big city lofts and apartments, many Aventura homes are coming to know their value.  California Closets produces locally-made, safe and well-functioning murphy beds and wall beds for all types of spaces.  Many of the wall beds we install are meant to replace the old sofa, or add an extra bedroom by installing a murphy bed in the office.  Suddenly, home comfort and value increase with the simple addition of an Aventura murphy bed.

Wall beds are the perfect thing to add to your unused office, craft room or spare room in order to make more room for family and other sleepovers.  The ability to convert any room in the house into a guest room is invaluable, especially during the holidays.  For those without spare rooms, living in one bedroom studios, the wall bed is the perfect way to create the illusion of multiple rooms.  Start the free in-home design consultation process today to transform your home.

Aventura Wall Bed Bonanza

At California Closets Aventura, wall beds have become one of most popular offerings. Usually purchased in tandem with a greater home organization makeover vision, our clients are always satisfied.  We are committed to delivering our excellence in design and customer service to your home.