Closet Systems Aventura

The staff at California Closets are home improvement experts. What makes us experts? Finding a way to get the heart of what you want out of your closet systems Aventura, as well as years of experience making your vision into a blueprint, and then pulling it off the paper into functional real life.

Quick Closet

How do we do it? Simple: your Aventura closet system is completely based on what you have described to us as your storage needs and your home upgrade desires.  Our process is as easy as 1-2-3.


First, you get to meet with one of our expertly trained consultants, who will ask you questions about your home, desires, and storage needs.  The consultant will begin work on the Aventura closet system blueprint.


Then, you will get to select the details of your system to make it the closet for you.  Our Aventura closet systems come with an infinite selection of layouts, build materials, aesthetics, colors, and more.  With all these choices you’ll be sure to build your closet the way you like.


Then, we will ship all the parts of your Aventura closet system to your door at the same time from a local high grade manufacturer. Then our experienced and knowledgeable builders will come and piece together your closet.  Just like that, your home feels brand new!

Get Your New Closet Today

Why wait, when our simple and easy process can have your home upgraded fast with an Aventura closet system?