Austin Wall Beds

Your friends and relatives love to visit when you reside in lively Austin. Ensure that you are always prepared for them with sleeping arrangements that are truly above the bar. You deserve the convenience and comfort of a superior wall bed that allows you the extra space you desire. Trust in our wall beds Austin from California Closets to encompass all your needs. These aren’t your traditional wall beds, each bed is built using our innovative mattress technology. Forget about a sub-standard nights sleep or lumpy nightmare that can often be connected with a wall bed. Our walls beds Austin are tried and tested by experts. You or your guests are guaranteed a good nights sleep, and you wont have to sacrifice on square footage!

A Space Saving Miracle

Ready When You Are 

Everything is bigger in Texas, allow us help you live up to the hype! When you choose to implement wall beds Austin into your home, you instantly create much needed space. Perhaps you want to utilize your bedroom for other purposes when your bed is not in use. Or maybe you would like to multi-purpose your home office or media room. No matter what you want to accomplish, we can help you get there with wall beds Austin. We know you’ll find plenty of things to do with your extra space when you have the advantage of instantly creating more of it. 

The Perfect Design

You’ve worked hard to make your home your own, and we aren’t about to ruin your vision. These wall beds Austin are customizable and can be built according to your style specifications. Choose colors and wood tones that blend with your home, allowing you to disguise your stored wall bed seamlessly.

Wall Beds Austin For Real People

If you’re in the market for a new wall bed, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. California Closets offers a complimentary in home consultation!