Austin Closet Design

Are you searching for a home upgrade that ail not only keep your home in tip top shape but will advance the elegance and charm that already live in between its walls? Your family will be proud of a brand new Austin closet design, completely imagined by you, and built with the aid of our experienced and compassionate staff.

You Get Magic

With the most beautiful closet design Austin residents can get, California Closets promises satisfaction guaranteed because we go through a comprehensive step by step process with you that allows you to share with us your desires, needs, issues, and dreams for your new home improvement.  As such, we can catalogue those things and create an alchemy that will leave your home magical.


On the planning side of the Austin closet design project are our consultants, who will guide you through home walking tour with you.  This way, they will be able to identify certain issues, problem areas, needs, and desires that already exist in your home, as well as potential ways to handle and complement the current setup.  Our consultants have dealt with any number and variety of customers with completely different needs, so you can be sure they will patiently process your vision into a blueprint of reality.


After a stylistic exposition which will allow you to make your Austin closet design look precisely how you want, our parts will be shipped all at once so you don't have to wait for straggling pieces.  This will ensure when our builders come they can sit down and do their work to intricately design and place together all the different elements to create a beautiful masterwork of your Austin closet design.

Austin Closet Design Awaits!

This is no simple home improvement project, this is your new system which will keep your home where it needs to be -- clean and beautiful.