Closet Design Aurora

Don’t let clutter win. Your best ally in the daily effort to maintain a clean and organized home is a custom closet system. The generic stuff just does not cut it. That is why California Closets has been providing customized closet design for Aurora homes since 1983.

Embrace the Future with Aurora Closet Design

Three to four decades ago, the whole concept of custom closets was largely unknown. It was reserved for the few who had specialized in the craft. Then California Closets entered the scene with a simple idea: everyone deserves storage solutions that are fit for their lifestyles.

Emanating from the sunny state, that idea spread far and wide. Our closet design reached Aurora early on and then continued to expand all over the country. By now, our presence is international, and customized storage solutions are a major industry. Our global brand maintains its local and regional flavor through a franchise structure. The people running your local store near Aurora are from the neighborhood.

If you are still clinging on to the closets from yester-year, you know how frustrating trying to get organized can be. Your belongings end up playing musical chairs for shelf space.

There is an end in sight. Our process of closet design places Aurora residents such as you at the forefront of the design process. You actually make the decisions about color configuration, hardware, color and accent, all with the help of world-renowned professionals at your side.

Aurora Closet Design—Products for Every Room

Which room in your house needs to be brightened up? Where would you like to see more transformation and feel more control over the space? Aurora closet design is available for any room in the house including the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, garage, and more.