Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Aurora

Looking for a creative way to expand and create more space in your home? When your place is just too tight to fit in everything you want and still be livable, then we have the perfect solution for you. Order California Closet Aurora wall beds and you will find yourself in a revolutionized space. It will be big. It will be neat. It will be beautiful. Aurora wall beds offer the full functionality of a regular bed and you can neatly make it disappear when you want to clear the space.

A Hip Solution

Not every room has a lot of space, but with the Aurora wall beds, you will find yourself with a boat load of room. When your bed disappears, there are infinite options for the functionality of your new space. Now you can use your studio as your office or work space during the day and as a comfortable place to sleep by night.

This way, you can make space for yourself or a guest, and still have the valuable space needed to live your everyday life. Aurora wall beds come in a variety of sizes and colours and will be made to fit almost any mattress. Using roll away and fold up technology, Aurora Murphy beds will easily and seamlessly blend into your wall. Unless you choose to make it known, visitors won’t even notice that it’s there.

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Professional designers are waiting by the phone for your call to start designing your very own wall bed. Your brand new and custom wall bed Aurora is waiting just down the street, so get in touch today and begin the process of ordering your very own wall bed.