Atlantic City Wall Beds

While gambling might be a familiar force in the lives of many Atlantic City residents, nobody wants to gamble with their home. Atlantic City residents are trying to find new, alternative ways of transforming their homes to do more with less space. Home remodeling and renovation projects may be top of mind for many residents, however California Closets Atlantic City wants you to consider the installation of a custom wall bed.

Transform Your Home With A Wall Bed

California Closets provides the best custom wall bed design, fabrication and installation in the Atlantic City area.  For years, our designers have been assessing homes and installing wall beds to solve the home’s most pressing needs.  Our clients have installed wall beds for a myriad of reasons, however a wall bed installation will add flexibility, space and functionality to any home.

Wall beds can be installed to add extra bedrooms to a home or more space to a room, giving the homeowner the home of their dreams without picking up a sledgehammer.  Install a wall bed so that you will never again have to fear unexpected overnight visits for friends or family.