Julie Shimer, Sales Manager

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I bet you didn't know that a simple closet could absolutely change your daily life?  Well I happen to know that walking into a well thought out, organized and yet beautiful space can make such a difference in your life!  My passion as a designer for California Closets is seeing a dream, a design on a computer screen come to life.  And better yet… watching my clients' eyes light up when they walk into their newly designed space for the first time – into a space that for many years offered aggravation and frustration.  The amazing people I have the pleasure of working with day in and day out begin as simply clients needing a storage solution.  At the end of the process I am ALWAYS happy that I have formed new friendships and have helped to create balance that fits not only in their home but in their lives.  This is why I simply love my job! 

As your design consultant I will listen to what is not working for you and together we will come up with solutions to help fit your everyday needs.  I always take time to look around, see what you have in your current space and how to better accommodate those items into a newly designed space.  Simply counting your shoes, of course making sure you still have space for growth, to ensure that every shoe will have a home in your beautiful new closet is simply one small gesture that I will offer as  your designer. My job is not complete and I am not fully satisfied until I know that my client’s needs have not only been met but expectations have been exceeded!  I see all new projects as personal challenges:  how can I make this space unique to this client? 

I cannot wait to take you on an exciting journey with me… a place where your day begins in peaceful tranquility, a calming sensation that relaxes you each time you step in… let me take you to your new California Closet!!!