Garage Storage Aspen

30% of all Americans cannot park a single car in their garage, which means almost more than a quarter of us use our garages for stock piling all of the things we cant fit in our homes. It’s one thing to turn your garage into a craft room, but a junkyard? Keep your garage neat, usable, and tidy with garage storage Aspen from California Closets.

Transforming Your Aspen Garage Storage

At California Closets in Aspen, we are advocates for functional and efficient garage storage, even if there’s no room for your car. After snow season, we are left with the remains of winter: skis, snowboards, shovels, sleds, wood for fire, and all the other cumbersome items that are crucial for roughing the cold. These items tend to get stacked in our garages or storage spaces with no method to the madness.

Good garage storage is key for keeping these things under control and maximizing space in our garages so they can be used for more practical purposes. First on our list is storing the items we don’t need once the snow dries up. Our Aspen garage storage team offers solutions, such as racks, that can store bulky items like ski and sports equipment up and away so that you’re not tripping over them on the way in.

Perhaps once the items you need stored are conveniently tucked away,  you will have more room for more exciting garage storage projects,  like building that workbench or craft room that you’ve always dreamed of, and finishing many of the creative endeavors that you started. Aspen garage storage has all the tools you need to build the spaces that you envision.

Clean Up and Build On

You’ll be more than satisfied once we renovate your Aspen garage storage systems. It will allow you to make creative use of your garage while keeping it practical. Don’t wait to call California Closets to schedule your free, in-home design consultation, and get parking or working in that garage!