Further Exploring Aspen Closets

California Closets has been serving Aspen since 1983, and the closets we make are always designed especially for each and every customer’s needs and tastes. During our time here we have seen individuality and variation in style, but more importantly, we have seen a commonality—a desire for beautiful and well-functioning homes.

The Magic of Our Aspen Closets

Customized storage solutions make the task of de-cluttering infinitely easier, but we’d like to take a moment and emphasize the aesthetic element of our products. We pride ourselves in the professionalism of our California Closets University, but the talent of our top-notch designers is a brilliance that cannot be taught, only refined. Year after year our products win top awards at international competitions. This means you can bring world-class closets into your Aspen home!

Just as every house deserves custom design, so does every room. We have specialists for each and every room in and around the house including the garage, media center, home office, kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, and more. There is no room too small, or space too challenging for an upgrade. Custom closet design is like a spa treatment for your Aspen home. Closets have never looked so good.

What makes our process unique among all closet companies is that we make you the leader of your own home’s transformation. All the decisions are in your hands, unless you need an expert to step in and assist. We support you and give you the tools to harness the enormous amount of potential in your project.

Aspen Closets Take You to the Next Level

Once you give your Aspen closets an upgrade, you will ask yourself why you waited so long. A clean house, a beautiful look, and a communal space for your family to gather—that is what we are all about. Take the step necessary to make your home a better place.