Storage Organization in Arroyo Grande

"A place for everything, and everything in its place." Have you ever heard this phrase? At California Closets Arroyo Grande, we are firm believers in this credo. There is no such thing as "can't" when it comes to storage organization!

Unique Storage Organization Solutions

California Closets Arroyo Grande specializes in highly unique storage organization for your home.

Every place in your home can have a purpose, whether it’s under the eaves, adjacent to the kitchen, beneath the stairs or a corner of the family room. We create unique storage organization areas that add value to your home.

We've worked with varied ceiling heights and wall depths, awkward spaces, multi-use areas, and even created storage organization for collectible items.

Some of our features:

  • Adjustable storage that can be converted to accommodate changing needs
  • Accessories that can morph a small space into your favorite storage organization area for clothes, wine, storage, books, or a small home office.
  • We carry divider units and cubbies for small item storage organization.
  • Slatwall and fabric board to add a functional yet decorative touch, keeping in line with your artistic vision.
  • Top-hinge cabinets for easy accessibility of upper storage units
  • A space can be designed to be multi-functional for your individual needs, such as creating a gift wrap center in a small space under a cabinet

The California Closets Arroyo Grande Design Consultants are experienced in creating unique and functional storage organization spaces, often times in areas you never thought possible!

Get Started with Storage Organization

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