Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Arlington Heights

It’s time to start getting creative with your home renovation projects this year. Why settle for simple do-it-yourself projects when you could transform a room with new Arlington Heights wall beds?

Arlington Heights Murphy Beds: Time For Change

It’s incredible what Arlington Heights wall beds can do for your home.  Transform any room into a multi-functioning sanctuary for all your various needs.  Whether you’re looking to build an office nook, a craft room, a lounge, or anything else you can think of, Arlington Heights Murphy beds can be incorporated into the mix.

Each closet system is built into the walls of your home, which will ensure two things.  The first is sturdiness.  With the quality of work that we put into the manufacturing of our products and the installation, you can rest assured that your Arlington Heights wall beds will stay put.  Built with top quality materials, our product is made to last and weather the wear and tear of time.  Lastly, with a framework that is incorporated into the backdrop of your rooms, your Arlington Heights Murphy beds will create a sleek, modern look for your home.

The Arlington Heights Murphy beds themselves are a piece of cake.  Forget what you heard about wall beds of the past--our design is smoothly operated for anyone, no engineering degree required.  Who said that wall beds couldn’t be both functional and beautiful? 

Transform Your Rooms, Transform Your Life

Our classic design will leave you wondering why more people haven’t chosen Arlington Heights Murphy beds for maximizing space and creating a new, functional look for any room!  Don’t let a limited amount of space get the best of you.  Let Arlington Heights wall beds create multi-use rooms in your home and accommodate you and your family’s needs!