Custom Offices Ardmore

Working at home can be a great convenience, but it can also present a great challenge. How do you create a functional, practical space that fills all your work needs but doesn’t take way from the attractiveness of your home? Custom offices Ardmore from California Closets are the answer.

Finding a Solution with Custom Offices Ardmore

Assess the Situation

Home work spaces come in different sizes and layouts.  Whether you have a nook, a full-fledged room or just a corner of the den, the key is to fashion a work environment that takes into consideration both your specific office requirements, and those of running an uncluttered, stress-free home.

Is your job heavily paper and file-oriented?  California Closets has an array of storage solutions that will get messy stacks off of your desktop and into easily-accessed drawers and cabinetry.

Do you work at night or have a job that entails close-up detail work?  An Ardmore custom offices expert can create a customized lighting design that makes your task easier and takes the strain off your eyes.

Working in a tight space?  Have a desk designed specifically for you that utilizes every available inch of your work area.

The Look You’ll Love

Once you’ve addressed the functional issues, you can have some fun addressing the aesthetic ones.  Your Ardmore custom offices consultant can show you a wide variety of colors and materials that will complement the décor of your home, right down to the knobs and handles on your desk drawers.

The Office You and Your Home Deserves

A more productive you starts with a more efficient, well thought-out home office space.  Take advantage of a free in-home consultation with an Ardmore custom offices specialist at California Closets today.