Wall Beds Annapolis

While completely essential to our well-being, beds aren't the most convenient pieces when it comes to laying out a room to maximize space. If your Annapolis home has the luxury of a spare room, or perhaps your children have gone off to college and only use their bedrooms for several weeks at a time, you're left with a decision to make: commit a mattress to preserve the comfort, or remove it and rely on uncomfortable temporary solutions when guests come by? With wall beds Annapolis from California Closets, you don't have to choose, as these comfortable beds fold out of the wall only when you need them, guaranteeing you versatility and ease.

Wall Beds Annapolis Make Hosting Guests Simple

An Organizing Presence

When not in use, beds are just there; they take up space, and in the case of the spare room, are seldom used. Wall beds Annapolis are different, as they fold up into one of California Closets' trademark closet systems, allowing you to have a sleeping accommodation up your sleeve, as well as an organizing force for when the unit is not in use. You get to choose the accessories that will make up the closet portions of your wall beds Annapolis, so that the areas that they reside in are kept in tip-top shape when they're not in use.

Guests Will Be Completely Satisfied

If you frequently host friends and family, wall beds Annapolis exemplify your desire to go above and beyond for them. After all, these aren't just your basic air mattress or flimsy spare--wall beds Annapolis are real, comfortable mattresses that can be unfurled in just a matter of minutes. With our pull-down or roll-out technology, they'll be able to have themselves a wonderful night's sleep without all of the strain that comes with pulling a mattress out from the garage.

You Won't Look Back With Wall Beds Annapolis

We're just a quick call or click away at California Closets. We can have your home equipped with wall beds Annapolis in no-time, so don't hesitate to get in touch!