Murphy Beds Annapolis

When constructing a new room is not a possibility and you need more space, a couple Murphy beds in your Annapolis home can do wonders. Imagine how much space you could save by making a bed disappear within seconds.

About California Closets Annapolis’s Murphy Beds

Becoming Better Hosts

After a certain point, hosting guests on couches or blow up mattresses is not the way to go. You want to give your guests a comfortable night’s sleep and a private room to call their own. Unfortunately, not everyone has room for a guest bedroom. Instead many in Annapolis are turning to Murphy beds from California Closets. A Murphy bed allows you to transform an office or art studio into a bedroom in moments. Or you could also do the opposite. Let’s say your child left the nest. You want them to still have a room to come back to but you also want to have a spare room - another great use for a wall bed.

Modern Murphy Beds

Unlike the old time versions, modern Murphy wall beds purchased by Annapolis residents nowadays are completely safe, smoother to use, and better looking. In the old comedic silent films, the beds had minds of their own, providing a punch line for many jokes, but this is not the case with the contemporary version. Advanced design has also allowed lifting and lowering the bed easy and quick. Lastly, with the California Closets treatment, the Murphy bed, when up in the wall, can be made to appear as a closet or media center.

The Best Murphy Beds Annapolis Available

As with all California Closets Annapolis products, Murphy beds are crafted with quality and luxury in mind. Only the most professional work goes into their manufacturing and installation.