Ancaster Custom Closets

New and veteran homeowners alike are looking for ways to improve the organizational flexibility and storage capacity of their homes. The local Ancaster custom cabinet professionals of California Closets are here to work with you on the house of your dreams, because in the fight against clutter you need the best tools available.

The Comprehensive Ancaster Custom Closets Design Process

The Ancaster custom closets design process is the same as the one across the entire California Closets network. But because the process is based on customization and personalization no two storage projects will ever be the same. If you visit the showroom nearby you can see the level of excellence expected in your home as well.

The first stage is scheduling a free consultation with a designer that takes place at your house. At this point you will discuss your vision for the project with the designer. They will ask you guiding questions to help you sharpen your preferences. They will also do a physical assessment of the storage area, measuring the capacity for shelving, hanging, and other types of storage. 

Once there is a thorough understanding if your home and your insight the designer maps out a design onto a computer program. This is where the process becomes very hands-on. You will access a digitally mastered three-dimensional model of the project and with the user-friendly interface, experiment with the design. Needless to say, Ancaster custom closets clients love this step.

Finally, once the plan is completed, the local fabrication facility can begin minting new closet hardware for you. Yes, every project is built from scratch. 

Custom Closets Come to Your Ancaster Home

Professional Ancaster custom closets installers will transform your home in under one day of work with as little imposition as possible. Let you home be cozy and idyllic.