Closet Design Anaheim Hills

With success after success, there must be a secret to the California Closets closet design process. Many Anaheim Hills residents can attest to how much customized storage has improved their home compared to their previous store-bought options. Luckily, the secret is no secret at all—it is their signature design process that puts the client front and center.

Anaheim Hills Closet Design—from Consultation to Installation

It all begins with a private consultation that takes place at your Anaheim Hills house. Closet design starts with assessing the dimensions of the storage space. With the measurements all figured out, the California Closets expert helps you identify and focus your goals for the space.

How do you use it now? What are the shortcomings of the current design? Would you like to adjust the shelving or hanging space?

Working as a team, you and the consultant will bridge the gap between the potential of the space and your ideal configuration.

Next up in the process is the virtual reality step. You will be able to navigate a three-dimensional rendering of the storage space as envisioned by the consultant. The best part is that you can experiment with endless alternatives until you reach the perfect result. With closet design Anaheim Hills, there are no doubts, only more options.

Once you have finalized all aspects of the design, the blue prints are ready to be sent to manufacturing. You can expect the installation team to arrive shortly there after and complete their task within one day.

Apply Anaheim Hills Closet Design to Any Room

California Closets organizes their catalogue of products by room. Specialized lines have been developed for the bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, pantry, media center, home office and more. The road to more organized living is shorter than ever!