Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Amherstburg

In today’s day and age, we are all about recreating the old in new and innovative ways. Fashion these days is simply a recreation of something that’s been done before. Still, we are impressed by contemporary fashion and its ability to make something outdated look so good.

Amherstburg Wall Beds: A New Design

In the same way that fashion companies are bringing back the fanny pack for its style and totally convenient function, so are Amherstburg murphy beds no longer a thing of the past.

It comes as no surprise that more and more people are changing to wall beds when you really think about it.  Here are the facts: as rent in our hometowns steadily rises, we are forced to move into places with increasingly less space for more and more money.  Now, here’s where having Amherstburg wall beds really makes the most sense. 

If space is an issue in your home, installing Amherstburg murphy beds turns one room into two.  Whether you are debating between using that extra room as a home office, a guest room, a craft room, or studio, why not have it all? Amherstburg wall beds allow you to make the most of the space you have.

Not only that, but they provide a sleek, easy-to-use design that melds in with the rest of the room so that you can turn your home office into a cozy guest room.

Amherstburg Murphy Beds: Making Things Easier

With a new spin on an old design, your Amherstburg wall beds will leave your houseguests impressed and comfortable.  No engineering degree required; our wall beds flip out and back with a flip of a switch, so you can be prepared for anything at the drop of a hat!