Murphy Beds Allentown

Sometimes the best technologies are the ones that have been around long enough to be tested by time. Allentown Murphy beds certainly fall into this category, because they’re simply their time-tested formula of comfort and practicality puts them leagues above conventional beds! With Allentown Murphy beds in your home, you’ll free up precious floor space that will help you maximize your home’s potential and regain a sense of spaciousness and freedom long forgotten.

Timeless Elegance, Unadulterated Class

When you purchase Allentown Murphy beds, you’re not only purchasing a practical, space-saving bed – you’re also purchasing one of the most elegant upgrades in the whole realm of home improvement. Allentown Murphy beds are sleek and sophisticated; composed of smooth lines and gentle designs, the elegant outline of Allentown Murphy beds blends seamlessly into the wall like a drop of water in an ocean. No other bed offers such poetic beauty. Each night’s slumber upon Allentown Murphy beds is that of divine, artful rest.

Allentown Murphy Beds: They Fold Up Into Your Wall

Besides their beautiful design, the most immediate feature of Allentown Murphy beds must not be overlooked: they fold up into your wall with ease, unveiling a wide swath of usable space where they once sat floor-bound. The uses for this transformation are numerous: convert a room into a home office, convert a bedroom into a room for pets to play in, or simply enjoy the spaciousness. If you live in a studio apartment, Allentown Murphy beds are the greatest investment you can make: with one swift movement, you can turn your studio from a bedroom to a living room.

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