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When residents of Albuquerque are looking to redesign or install custom closets in their home, their number one choice is California Closets. When it comes to custom closets, California Closets has unrivalled installation and design expertise, with a deep understanding of the custom closets needs of Albuquerque residents. Our understanding of the unique needs of our customers comes from over a decade of serving the residents of Albuquerque and a locally-based and locally-focused franchise that shares unique values and aesthetic tastes with New Mexicans. From beginning to end, California Closets will surpass your expectations when it comes to Albuquerque custom closets and the quality of your experience.

A Unique Albuquerque Touch for Your Custom Closets

Albuquerque carries a deep aesthetic culture and rich artistic history that few cities in the United States can rival. Home to a rich art community, distinctive Pueblo Revival architecture and a stunning natural landscape, Albuquerque is a beautiful city by any definition. Take inspiration from Albuquerque’s unique style for distinguished custom closets designs.

1. Pueblo Revival Inspired Designs

The Pueblo Revival architectural style has strong roots in Albuquerque, where it was adopted for a number of projects at the University of New Mexico around the turn of the century. Defined by using adobe-like materials and displaying elements like large exposed beams, the Pueblo Revival style has a uniquely southwestern flavor. Your custom closet can adopt elements of this style with the addition of the style’s rich brown colors and simple wood and clay construction.

2. Southwestern Rustic Veneers and Materials

For a more New Mexican look, consider southwestern style veneers for your custom closet and materials that compliment the natural beauty of the local Albuquerque landscape. With California Closets, this is easy as we manufacture and source most of our materials locally.

3. Albuquerque Practicality in Design

The best part about custom closets is that they can be uniquely personalized to your needs and uses. If you are an outdoorsy type, your closet can be designed to hold the tools and accessories that accompany your New Mexican lifestyle. Consider additional shoe space for hiking boots or top storage space for camping gear in your custom closets. Half-length hanging spaces can increase available space for winter coats that are unnecessary most of the year, but vital when winter does show its face.

With a custom closet by California Closets, your choices are virtually infinite. Make sure to give your custom closets a flavor that reflects both your area’s rich artistic and cultural history as well as your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Albuquerque Custom Closets by California Closets

Discover the difference California Closets custom closets can make in your home. Schedule an in-home design consultation online or stop by our Albuquerque showroom today.