Albany/Syracuse Ecoresin® Panel Options

Ecoresin® panels are made by enveloping a variety of materials in cast translucent resin. Depending on the design that you choose, your artisan crafted panels may incorporate flowers, branches or leaves arranged by hand while other designs are made with hand-dyed fabrics or screen-printed designs- often called silk screen. Your California Closets design consultant will be pleased to tell you more about our unusual and striking Ecoresin panels, and show you how they can be combined with other finishing options such as lighting and molding to create a storage solution that is as striking as it is functional.

Antique Fleur

Natural blossoms enveloped in translucent resin provide a subtle hint of color.

Fossil Leaf

The delicate details of natural leaves are enhanced as light passes through the translucent resin panels.


A crisp screen-printed pattern inspired by a 250 year-old textile weaving process.

Linea Ivory

Timeless, translucent Linea Ivory panels add subtle elegance to your California Closets storage solution.

Eco-friendly: Minimum 40% pre-consumer recycled resin

Tea Party

Tiny flower blossoms of varying size in an intricate random pattern.

Ting Ting

Blades of natural grass in a linear arrangement, captured in translucent resin.