Garage Storage for Albany Homes

Garages are often seen as the overflow area for sports gear, tools, pantry items, and seasonal storage. And maybe a vehicle or two. At California Closets Albany, we can help you create dedicated space for everything and make your garage storage highly organized and accessible. To that end, our garage storage designers would like to share several tips for Garage Storage organization.

3 Tips for Great Garage Storage

On Top of Shelves. Whatever shelving your California Closets garage storage designer helps you pick out, remember too that there is space on top of cabinets and shelves for extra items. You can always expand your storage space by utlizing those spaces as your storage needs expand. But remember — out of sight, out of mind. When you put items high up, you will likely forget that they are are.

Heavy Lifting.
As you work with your California Closets garage storage consultant, remember that many garage items are quite heavy. You will have to consider what items will go in what storage receptacles when planning its placement, size, and overall "hefty" value.

Clearly Visible. Do you use clear glass containers in your kitchen pantry for grains and pastas? (If not, you should! Take a tip from your kitchen storage and use clear canisters to store nails and screws, so you can easily see what's inside. Your California Closets garage storage consultant will help you find the perfect set.

Enjoy Better Garage Storage Today

Contact California Closets Albany to get started on a new garage storage system. You'll be as involved in the design and installation process as you want to be -- but one thing's for sure: you won't recognize your new organized garage space by the time it's done! If you're not thrilled with the garage storage results, we'll work until you are.