Closet Systems Ramp Up Value of Albany Homes

Installing high quality closet systems in your house is a proven way to increase the value of your home. In today's real estate market, even the nicest houses in Albany could use an extra boost. Rather than wait until the day you want to actually sell your Albany home, why not install a closet system in it now? That way you and your family can enjoy your Albany closet system now, but it will also pay off when you sell your home later.

Albany Closet Systems are a Great Investment

Real estate professionals know that well-designed closet systems add to a home's value, and they'll be the first to tell you that! 

Like all "improvements," they are inherently valuable to a buyer in the Albany market -- if the buyer will use them, of course. But who doesn't need storage solutions? 

Second, the closet systems will "de-clutter" the space in your house while you are showing it to potential buyers, hiding items that would otherwise clutter the house. As your listing agent will point out, "If a buyer sees your stuff scattered around, they will assume the house is not large enough to hold the buyer's stuff either." Crowded storage inside a house is a serious negative to potential buyers, so having storage in your Albany home is a big plus. 

So don't think of closet systems as an expense -- think of them as an investment. For example, closet systems in your garage that give the appearance of a "good" garage space can add $5,000 to $10,000 onto the resale value of the house, according to real estate website

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