Closet Organizers in Albany

When shopping, do you ever wonder how you're going to fit the new clothes you are buying in your closet? A closet organizer for your Albany home that fits your shopping tendencies will solve that problem.

A New Approach to Closet Organizers

Think about how often you shop.

Do you go just a few times a year and get a lot of clothes at once? Or do you pick up an item or two every week, while on your lunch break or waiting to pick up your pet from the veterinarian? Tell your California Closets Albany design consultant the frequency with which you shop for clothes, shoes, and other wardrobe items. They will use this information to select the type of closet organizers that are best.

What particular items do you always buy?

Some people can't resist picking up that beautiful scarf in the window. Others have a thing for sweaters, and buy several sweaters that they love, in 5 different colors -- then realize that they don't have space for them in the closet! A closet organizer should fit your shopping preferences. For example, if you are one of those sweater people, be sure to include a lot of open shelving. Each shelf in your Albany closet organizer should be 12 inches wide and 14 inches deep, because this is the width and depth of a folded sweater. Shelves should be no more than 8-10 inches tall, which fits about 3 sweaters in a pile on your closet organizer. Any more than that and you'll have piles falling down on you when you try to get the bottom one! So whether it's shoes, T-shirts, belts, or even purses, keep your shopping tendencies in mind when selecting a closet organizer for your Albany home.

The Best Closet Organizers in Albany

After you've determined what kind of shopper you are -- and how it might impact your closet organizer needs -- talk it through with a California Closets design consultant. We will help you select the best closet organizer for your Albany home.

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