Wall Beds Alaska

Alaskans have always been known for their bootstrap ingenuity and innovation. As a locally-owned and operated business we understand this cultural phenomenon. We think that is also why we have installed so many wall beds in Alaska. As the only Alaska wall bed company that can provide the design, production, installation and warranty for every project, we think we are right for the job.

Wall Beds Solve Space Issues

Unlike the rest of the United States, Alaskans are not known for their extravagant homes.  In keeping with their pioneer origins, most Alaska homes are small and practical, however sometimes there is too much small and too little practical.  This is where a wall bed installation can reinvent the house you are in.  Sometimes people think they should move homes due to lack of space, when all they need is a wall bed installed in their home.  This means that your home can reflect and react to your lifestyle and home needs.  

With one of our locally-produced Alaska wall beds you will never have to worry about unexpected friends and family members arriving at your doorstep.  Because our wall beds are primarily designed for ease of use and functionality, you will never have an issue creating a extra living space again. Our local Alaskan wall beds are produced locally, giving our customers the highest degree of customization opportunities.

The design, color, material and hardware can all be tailored to your home’s aesthetic and your lifestyle.  Never again let a lack of space ruin a family gathering or party, sign up for a free in-home design consultation today.

Wall Beds For Every Alaska Home

We cannot wait to introduce more Alaskans to the California Closets experience by way of a new wall bed install.  Our business is local. Our designers are local. Our production facility is local. Sign up today.