Murphy Beds Alaska

If you would like to occasionally accommodate overnight guests but think you just don’t have the room, think again.  Be ready to play the gracious host at a moment’s notice with an Alaska Murphy bed from California Closets. 

Why You Want an Alaska Murphy Bed

From the moment you sit down with a Murphy beds Alaska design pro, you begin to see the many advantages of having a Murphy bed, or wall bed, in your home.

Convenience. You don’t need a spare room, just a spare space, as an Alaska Murphy bed can fit into virtually any nook or open area in your home.  They can also be built to integrate into home office, wardrobe or media center setups.

Durability. Unlike the flimsy wall beds of the past, a California Closet Murphy bed is solidly constructed, framed in sturdy aluminum or heavy-gauge steel.

Comfort. A good night’s rest for your visitors is almost assured on a mattress up to 12 inches thick.

Ease of Use. The smooth rolling action of your wall bed makes it a snap to open and close.

Value. The versatility of a wall bed not only improves your home now, but enhances its value down the road.

Don’t worry about your Alaska Murphy bed clashing with the décor of your home, either.  California Closets can offer a delightfully wide array of materials, veneers and finishes to choose from, allowing you to indulge your taste and decorating preferences.

Make the Move

It’s a true pleasure to be able to offer friends and family a comfortable, attractive spot to spend the night.  Call or click to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with a Murphy beds Alaska design consultant today!